युवा सिकाइ र सम्भावना

युथ  एक्सन  नेपाल  करिब  एक  दशकदेखी  युवाहरुको  साथमा  छ  ।  युवाले युवाका लागि क्रियाशील यस संस्था युवाहरुका अनुभव, सिकाई र संभावनाहरुको पहिचानका आधारमा युवाहरुका साझा सवालमा क्रियाशील छ ।

ग्रामीण समुदाय विशेषगरी सिर्जनशील युवाहरुको अनुभव र क्षमताको पहिचान गरेर तिनै अनुभव र क्षमताका आधारमा गरिएका विकास प्रयाश मात्र दिगो हुन्छ भन्ने संस्थाको मान्यता छ । संस्थाले सचेतना, सशक्तीकरण र सहभागिताका आधारमा युवाहरुको निर्णायक तहमा सहभागिताका लागि युवा र युवा सञ्जालहरुलाई देशभरि सहजीकरण  गरिरहेको  छ  ।  अहिंसात्मक  अभियानका  आधारमा  स्थानीय  शान्ति र सामाजिक सद्भावका लागि संस्था युवाहरुका लागि अवसरहरुको सिर्जना गर्न प्रयासरत  छ  ।  लोकतान्त्रिक अभ्यास,  मानवअधिकारको  प्रत्याभूति  र  सामाजिक सद्भावले जिम्मेवार राज्य संयन्त्र र नागरिकको सम्मानित मानव जीवनको सुनिश्चित गर्न सकिन्छ । संस्था यही प्रक्रियामा युवाहरुसँगको सहकार्यतामा क्रियाशील छ ।

Youth in Decision Making Level

The National Policies, Programs and Mechanism of Nepal on Youth Participation in Decision Making are to be clear especially focusing on youth education, employment, entrepreneurship, participation in community development etc. However, some signs of progress can be noticed as the latest promulgation of ‘National Youth Policy-2010’ by MoYS has created foundation on the youth issues. This has brought some foundations of action for the majority of youth composition in national population.

Youth Struggle and Voice

Youth Struggle and Voice

The campaign of Social Forum started in Brazil went through different places of world.

Following the main theme/slogan of all the social forums in the world ‘Another
World is Possible’, the youth of Nepal had already started the solidarity movement,
campaign of social forum with the main slogan ‘Another World is Possible – Youth
can make it’ since 2006 in the name of Nepal Youth Social Forum (NYSF).
NYSF is creating opportunities to gather in the public forums and to discuss the
burning social, cultural, economic and political issues from local, national as well
as global perspective. Due to lack of such forums youth are compelled to suppress
their innovative ideas that could be important for social development process of
the country. Youth are the essence of transformation; they have the power to bring
great and far-reaching changes, they are the realists dreaming for the impossible and
building another world. It has been already proved that youth involvement is highly
essential for any kinds of socio-political and economic changes. Also, the issues
of basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education, health etc.) fulfi
lment, social
inclusion, state restructuring and participation of various groups for that, equality
& equity among cultural, religious, geographical, gender etc. diverse sections of
the state, development of the society etc. should be discussed and draw common
understanding in peaceful, participatory and satisfactory model. Since, youth are
not only the future but the present; they should be engaged and involved in every