What is FOYA

Friends of Youth Action (FOYA) is a group of young volunteers having a zeal and urge towards social work. Established in 4th Jan 2007 with 45 active, dedicated and enthusiastic members, it has now expanded with more than 100 young volunteers. Now it has been proved to be an open platform to learn and provide something to society and nation through volunteerism. It is not only the place to help other but is the open space to explore oneself.


With the motto “United We Can” FOYA is an energetic, dedicated, and socially responsible volunteer group formed under Youth Action Nepal, actively involved in discussion, sharing, campaigns, Community awareness, and training on various issue. With the concept of learning by practice FOYA is continuously assisting YOAC in different campaign, program and day-to-day activities of YOAC as well as launching various programs for personality development, potential building of its members. Based on the principle “Youth Volunteerism for Nation Building” it is working continually for the promotion of the youth Volunteerism so as to prepare youth responsible towards society.


FOYA consists of a Volunteer Development Committee which assists the group in launching different campaigns, trainings and discussion programs. Apart from this there is a Coordination Committee formed by the election between the FOYA members. This committee has tenure of one year.

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FOYA organizes a regular Sunday meeting where brain storming and discussions in various youth and contemporary issues are conduced. Volunteers are being regularly engaged in different programs and trainings to empower and motivate them towards social work and volunteerism.

Besides, FOYA has organized as well as actively participated in various rallies, seminars, camps and workshops regarding youth related issues.

Some of the recent activities of FOYA are:

1. Social Mobilization Training for Young Volunteers on 2nd Aug 2008.

2. Half day training on Photography on 26th July 2008

3. National Youth Volunteer Conference (NYVC) on 7th June 2008