Investigate and Take Legal Action


Investigate and Take Legal Action

December 21, 2012

Our grave concern has been drawn towards the news on attack and manhandling to the journalist into the office of Nepal Republic Media at JDA Complex, Sundhara. As per the news report, a mob calming Shiva Sena, assaulted Kishor Nepal, editor-in-chief of Nagarik Daily and Shukrabar Weekly; and other journalist including Sudarshan Sapkota, Bishwomani Pokharel, Rajendra Gyawali, Sworoop Acharya and Madan Chaudhary received blows and kicks.

It is not only the attack on the Media, it a naked attack on freedom of expression and right to information. Such attacks are occurring due to state of the impunity and unwillingness of government to take legal action to perpetrators in previous such kinds of attack.

We strongly argue to Nepal Government for the immediate investigation on the incident and take legal action on those who involve in the attack and manhandling.

Gopi Krishna Bhattarai