Peace and Social Harmony is one of the working themes of Youth Action Nepal (YOAC). Under this theme, YOAC has been implementing its interventions through 27 youth networks and five local partners in its strategic working locations in the country since 2005.

The main motto of peace building programs is to maximize number of youth facilitator for peace; ensure youth participation in all level on peace building and development process by promoting constructive role of youth. YOAC brings together local individual youth, community and government.

YOAC has done dozen of interventions to mitigate local level tensions and violence. YOAC work at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through four main avenues:

1. Research

YOAC identify the causes of conflict around the country and lesion learnt of the interventions ( Youth Position Paper, Charter of Nepalese Youth, National Youth Policy –program and progress, Documentary on”Sanghar ma Yuwa”, and “Sadbhawana”)

2. Dialogue

YOAC brings people together from various walks of life to help them better understanding their differences and resolve them peacefully (intergeneration dialogue, inter party dialogue, multi stake holder dialogue, dialogue among policy maker, implementer and right holder)

3. Training

YOAC provides youth with the skills that they need to support and bring about peace (training to leaders- reflecting peace practices, peace schools, work camps on peace and development)

4. Advocacy

YOAC advocate on national policies and practices that affect peace and ensure that the aspiration of local youth are heard locally and nationally ( TRC bill,A joint monitoring and evaluation on peace building intervention including ministry of peace and reconstruction)

Network : To burden YOAC’s peace building agendas in policy level, YOAC became a member of COCAP (Collective Campaign for Peace- a national network of NGOs working for peace) for joint advocacy with around other fifty likeminded peace building NGOs.

Partner : To the successful implementation of its strategy, YOAC has been partnering with National and International institutions such as in national level Norwegian Embassy, American Embassy, International Alert, Search for common ground, Equal Access Nepal, Care Nepal and Internationally MISEREOR Germany.