Personal Learning

Lersonal Learning from Different Participants of exchange programs

Sunita Pariyar -: (FOYA friend) 

I am felling very lucky myself that i got chance to go London from FOYA. I got golden opportunity to visit and to learn something new in my life. While going London I felt many felling in my heart. I am from smile village and got such big opportunity to go for London, so that I take myself as a luckiest girl. I got opportunity to go with my senior sir and my others friends. i made also others friends there. We did lots of fun there. Me and my all friends visited many places there, I can’t express my felling in word that how much I was happy there.

I got chance to build up self confidence in me. Now I can nicely lead the whole group in any program. I can talk with any stranger nicely. My English speaking was weak little bit but now i fell some positive changes in my speaking tone. I evaluated many differences between here and there. I knew that the persons of there have strong desire and confidence to do something new in life for their country but I found lack of such felling in us. So that I think we are backward in front of foreign (London) country.

I think if we also follow their system of government then we also make our country as London. I found the rich person of our country is known as poor of there. They are very rich in comparison of us. At last I would like to express my felling such program is very beneficial for us to know their culture and to show our culture there.


Neha Roy FOYA member

Traveling is the best way of learning.

The above quotation is just a sentence until one experiences it practically. This was same with me until I went to London on 23rd July. It was my first time I got to experience the world out of my country. I enjoyed my journey in London with lots of fun. I got chance to learn and experience many new things during my visit to London.

The main aim of our visit to London was to exchange youth issues and its problems across two countries, Nepal and UK. Thus, through this program the main thing I learned was that youths play very important role for the development of a country. As we were there for Youth Exchange Program I got best chance to improve myself in many ways. Before this I used to think that developmental works and other works are done only by adults and more educated people. This program has helped me to be responsible towards my society.

I had heard many times about the value of time and during my London visit I got to experience that time is much valuable in life. Today UK is much developed than our country; one of the main reasons is that they (British) respect time. Thus, I learned to respect time. Also good system is very important for the development of a country. Maintaining good system and implementation of necessary strict rules is very important in a country. Similarly, politeness is the best thing that improves a man’s personality. We should always be ready to thank others, and apologize for our mistake.

The main important thing that I learned was that there is great power and lots of fun in a team. Before this I had never worked in a team. I am very happy to be in such group. We get care and support and unlimited fun. Helping others and ‘one for all and all for one’ is very important in a team.

Finally, I want to thank all my team members and especially to our team leaders Madan sir and Narendra sir for their care and support during the program. And I am so sorry if I had knowingly or unknowingly made any mistakes.

Sudha Subedai FOYA Member

Personally speaking, the U.K youth exchange program 2010, was a mixture of a new experiences, good memories, fun, friendship and lots of learning for me. Not having experienced such kind of program before it was totally new and incredible experience for me specially those four days leadership camp at Dhulikhel.

I learned a lot about the intercultural differences and lifestyle of London culture and social and youth issues prevalent in London. I used to think that London is a developed country, people live their life happily, there must not be any problem. But, I was wrong, there is own different kind of problem, some of the problems like Drug abuse, older people prejudices regarding younger people were similar to our country’s problem. Being with the people who differ from each other helps me to know that every individual have different perceptions and thinking regarding different situations. I learned various leadership developing and team building games and get ideas of conducting such kind of program. After conducting some session, my confidence level and presentation skills have been boost up.

I was really influenced by the local women who despite of being uneducated have been struggling for the betterment of their community. Their strong willpower, hard work, dedication, positive attitude made me believes that ‘Where there is will, there is a way’. It brought a lot of positive energy on me.

In a nutshell, the exchange program was a lifetime experience for me which broadened my thoughts and vision, boost up my morality, increased by confidence, made me more enthusiastic and hopeful for life and i realized that we have to see problems as challenges and obstacles as stepping stone and this positive mindset will surely drive us towards success.