Program Staffs

Program Coordinator

Santosh Bhandari

Santosh Bhandari


Phone : +977-9851083215

Short Biography: Santosh Bhandari, is permanently from eastern reason of Nepal. He has done Master Degree on Sociology. He has proven experience on IT industry as well program Implementation. He has more than five years of experience on social sector under various capacity.

Admin & Finance Officer

Sarita Lamichhane

Name: Sarita Lamichhane


Short Biography: Ms. Sarita Lamichhane is Admin & Finance Officer of Youth Action Nepal. Ms. Lamichhane studied bachelors in business administration. She has responsibility of maintaining overall administrative and financial activities of organization.


Health Counselor (Consultant)

Dr. Bijay Thapa

Name: Bijay Kumar Thapa, MD, DGH, Community Medicine (Community Health expert)

Email: :

Short Biography: When human being s experience physical trauma that may or may not last for longer time but when they are traumatized mentally then and there starts new way of life. My great passion is to deal with them and their stressful experiences. I help my clients or patients (rather I would say my friends, because I don’t believe in making enemies) who include children, adults, aged population and families to correct their perceptions and lead to a healthy and happier life with positive thoughts.  I help them to find themselves and know themselves as a whole, safe, and peaceful.

My educational background includes MBBS and MD in Community Medicine and Diploma training in Global health. I have been trained to tackle different difficult situations related with medical emergencies for more than twenty years. My education has provided a bone back support to my understanding of community people of all types. Born in remote village of Western Region of Nepal and residing recently in Central Region had made me to understand people easily.  Being trained in abroad has increased  my confidence  whereas working frequently in fields of all geographical regions in Nepal has influenced and encouraged me to grow myself further and help them for their needs. I have been trained in trauma care, basic life support, advanced life support and Intensive care support.

My inclination is more towards psychological and mental health. In recent years I have been teaching, delivering lectures and conducting researches regarding mental and psychological health.

In my free time I love to play musical instruments, hike long routes and cycling. I promote cycling and walking to save the environment.


Education and Career Counselor

Priya Karki

Name: Priya karki


Short Biography: Ms. Priya Karki is currently working as Career Counselor at Youth Action Nepal. She has earned Bachleor’s degree on Social Work from St.Xavier’s College and is currently running masters.  She holds good knowledge on Youth related issues while she has experience of working in different I/NGO since last 5 years. As her major responsibility is to guide youth to excel their career in their desired field and co- ordinate program.

Psycho Social Counselor

Alina Tuladhar

Name: Alina Tuladhar


Short Biography: Alina Tuladhar originally from Kathmandu holds 5 years’ experience working as teacher,  3 years of working experience as Customer Service Representative, more than 4 years of experience working with I/NGOs and also running own business. Trained as Psychosocial Counselor and currently running Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology is now involved as Intern Counselor in Youth Action Nepal.

District Focal Person – Kailali

Name: Ram lakhan Chaudhari

Lakhan Chaudhari


Short Biography: Mr. Lakhan Chaudhari is young motivated personal based in Kailali district. He has various experience on executing various project. He is editor of Tharu daily “Pahura” at Dhangadhi. Currently he is working as district focal person of Youth Action Nepal at  Kailali district.


District Focal Person – Palpa

Rima Somai

Name: Rima Somai


Short Biography: Ms. Somai is from Palpa district. She has various engagement on district level media. Currently, she is working as district focal person of Youth Action Nepal, palpa.


District Focal Person – Jhpa



Short Biography: 


District Focal Person – Dang

Nimu Sangam Gharti

Name: Nimu Sangam Gharti


Short Biography: Mr. Nimu is young and dynamic person from Dang, Nepal. He is a journalist on Dang district. He is currently, working as district focal person of Youth Action Nepal, Dang district.


District Focal Person – Bara

Name: Rudra Dhital


Short Biography:


Cafe Staff

Nilam Khadka

Short Biography: Nilam is young and energetic person, working for cafe.