Safe Migration

Safe Migration

Youth Action Nepal is working on safe migration and rights of migrant workers issues since 2005. Youth Action Nepal’s working strategy and major activities on safe migration and rights of migrant workers. YOAC did the first research on India Nepal Migration in 2005.

YOAC Strategy 3E YOAC Strategy on Safe Migration Activities
Educate Safe Migration strategy I :

Pre-employment/pre departure awareness/education


  • YOAC is running three Migration Information Center (MIC) in Bara (Mid Terai), Palpa (Western) and Kailali (Far Western). YOAC provides right information to migrant workers, potential migrant workers and their family members about safe migration. There is one youth counselor in each MIC with equipped audio, video facilities and reference materials.
  •  YOAC/MIC is conducting regular community/youth awareness program in VDC level in partnership with Village Development Committee and other local CBOs in Bara, Palpa and Kailali.
  • YOAC also running awareness program on SRH among migrant workers, potential migrant workers and their family members through MIC and its district office in Jhapa, Bara, Palpa, Dang and Kailali
  • YOAC has prepared IEC materials to provide rights information to migrant workers. YOAC major publications are :
    • Safe Foreign Migration question and answer book
    • Women and foreign labour migration – Book
    • 4 posters
    • 3 stickers ( One in CMW, two are creating awareness focusing on women migrant workers)
    • Pre departure information leaflet


Empower Safe Migration strategy II :

Paralegal support to Migrant Workers


  • YOAC provides paralegal and legal support for migrant workers who seek support through MIC and other NGOs. We also refer/recommend cases of migrant workers to appropriate organization/institution who could support them.
  • YOAC is running facebook groups (Migrant Rights are Human Rights) to provide support and share information to people about safe migration, rights of migrant workers and legal information (the long term plan is to run a interactive social media site to provide information and interactive online forum to migrant workers and advocates)
Engage Safe Migration strategy III : Advocacy campaign and capacity building


  • YOAC conducted two researches. First report was on analytical research on safe migration laws, policy and program and second research was done on comparative research between Nepal and Srilanka focusing on government provision and programs to protect migrant workers.
    • YOAC has prepared Media and Safe Migration Training Manual to build capacity of media persons. YOAC already organized three series of media and migration training and trained 75 media persons on safe migration and rights of migrant workers issues.
    • YOAC is Ratification Campaign member of UN treaty on migration 1990 and ILO Domestic Workers Convention C189
    • YOAC is also actively engaged in issue based campaign such as save Dolma campaign, Save Amar Campaign etc
    • YOAC do regular consultation, meeting and dialogue with policy makers based on different issues
    • YOAC is translating three policy papers in Nepali ( Kafala System, Standard Contract and Minimum Wage – the English version were prepared by MFA)
    • YOAC actively engaged in national process of GFMD, Colombo Process and Abu Dhabi Dialogue
    • YOAC also engaged on issues of Nepal India migration. YOAC conducted six boarder cities dialogue and national policy workshop on Nepal India migration.


  • Member of Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA)
  • Active member of Migrant Rights International (MRI)
  • Founder member of National Network for Safe Migration (NNSM) and currently working as treasurer
  • Member of Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC), Convention of Migrant Worker (CMW 1990) Committee

YOAC’s partners in safe migration and rights of migrant workers programs ( Past & Present)

  • Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF)
  • USAID/SARIQ project
  • Foreign Employment Promotion Board

Implementing partners of YOAC’s activities

  • Human Rights Journalist Association
  • DDC, VDC
  • PNCC