SRHR Advocacy and communication training, 2016

SRHR Advocacy and communication training, 2016

Background: YOAC has been working at districts level with youth networks, media and other stakeholders such as SRHR coalition members to build awareness on sexual and reproductive rights and safe abortion among public and government representatives. This training is envisioned to build the advocacy skills of local activists to advocate for SRHR and Safe Abortion.

Program Background:

Youth Action Nepal has organized SRHR Advocacy and communication training at fikal Ilam with the presence of Media peoples (Radio Reporter from 5 district), YoAc team, participants from 5 different villages of 5 district, Representative of different I/NGO, Representative from WGNRR. Training was focus on women’s health and safe abortion. social media as advocacy tool was another attraction of training.

Focus of the Training:

The training has focused on the following three key areas:

  •  Enhance the understanding on sexual and reproductive health and rights; and safe abortion;
  • Advocacy skills for safe abortion at national and local levels; and
  • Use of communication media and tools to promote rights based safe abortion.


The participants of the program have included:

  • YOAC Team from central Office
  • District Program coordinator of YOAC
  • Local Youth Network and SRHR Coalition Members

Program Coverage:

Program Coverage:

1. Introduction to SRHR and Safe Abortion

  • Components of SRHR
  • Safe Abortion and Unsafe Abortion
  • Medical Abortion

2. Right to Safe Abortion

3. National and International Instruments to protect SRHR and Safe Abortion: Enhance Knowledge on legal and human rights instruments to safeguard SRHR and Safe Abortion and Build knowledge to use national and international instruments to advocate for safe abortion and SRHR

4. Advocacy and communication

Tools and techniques of SRHR advocacy

  • Lobby
  • Advocacy
  • Activism
  • Power mapping
  • Group work/Simulation

5. Communication and Media as tool of awareness and advocacy: Introduction to communication and media as advocacy tool

6. Conventional Media and SRHR Advocacy

  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Online/Social Media

7. Advocacy Action Plans

  • Individual
  • Team